Monday, January 18, 2010

Culchie Bogman

I recently went to visit my friends Michelle and Richie in their lovely home. (I'll point out here that Michelle is also my bridge partner!... Yes it's finally happened, I spun a full oscillation of the wheel of fortune and landed on You've become an old lady!)

The icing on the culchie cake. Wheat malt in the mouth

Richie brews his own beer in their garden shed. During the course of the (largely ale-y) evening we hatched a plan to pair up his beer enterprising with my drawing enterprising. And so a label for his next beer was born! It would be named Culchie Bogman. A clever pun if ever there was one. Go and learn of its beery wit at Richie's wonderful blog here.

The final beer label

Above is what the final beer label actually looked like. I spent some time pouring over other beer labels to see what the best ratio of name to image should be. I'm sure I looked like a complete boozer. My poor neighbours. Stacks of empty beer bottles built like a toppling fortress around my sketch book. Ah look, the wheel of fortune has made an unexpected settling click to You've become a boozy old lady!

farmyard unity

Here's the original drawing. I like this farmer. He's got his sheepdog, his aran jumper, his billowing fields of wheat and a pot bellied, three-footed stool. What more does he need? Nothing. Precisely. What would he need with the city?

Culchie sheepdog..looking alarmingly like our old dog Scamp

Richie's beer will be ready in 3 - 4 weeks. I'm very excited to see what 'pale, dry and hoppy' tastes like. The question is will my Guinness and toastie taste buds be ready by then? Let's hope so!


  1. This makes me realise that I too need nothing more than some kind of animal to call a pet, a piece of furniture to rest my feet upon, a jumper and a stick for chewing. And perhaps a pale, dry and hoppy beverage of some kind. Thank you Maeve!

  2. Love this Bates! Looks like many a man from Glenamaddy!

  3. if you had a sturdy dog, it could perform the first two functions, thus simplifying your life further, fink!

  4. The sturdy dog might perform the third function at a stretch (..and a shave!). Imagine an entire jumper made from dog hair! Surely to god it'd be just like mohair. A sturdy afghan hound would suit our purposes perfectly here! Any takers? I could nip to the dog pound in the morning.