Monday, December 21, 2009

The Elephant and His Balloon

My coach and all round great pal Carol Mulligan and I recently hatched a plan to make a kid's book for our friend's birthday.

Our friend Aoife is a H-U-G-E Dylan Moran fan and so we decided to make a book based on the story of The Elephant and His Balloon which appears in the television series Black Books. (I have yet to see this episode. An evening with a telly, minibars and the dvd series is on the cards). Here are the illustrations I did for the book.

There's the elephant.

He's happy with his balloon.

Oh no! It's gone!

Where IS it?

It's not behind the rhino.

Look in the alligator's mouth. It's not there either!

Oh! The monkey's got it in the tree!

He brings it back.

Then they all drink lemonade.

The end.

Carol read the story in the most soothing tones while I turned the pages on a very windy day. Then Carol uploaded the video onto youtube and hey presto! Aoife was given the tag as a talisman and she found her birthday present online. She's living in Edinburgh so I sent her the book by postman. Happy birthday Aoife! Well done everyone!

See for yourself here:


  1. What beautiful drawings you do! Just came across your blog from Fiona's. I love your paintings. What a lucky child to get such a story written for him/her!

  2. Wow thanks! What very kind words to read on a crisp, wintery morning! x