Monday, December 7, 2009

Iora rua

Here is my idea of an immaculately-matched partnership. One needs a perch, the other a toupé! It's perfect! On an aside, I know a lady who'd love a stuffed squirrel hat. It's not me, if that's what you're thinking..Oh no, somebody else entirely. She's the most avid taxidermy collector around. Not quite the colonel in Jumangi..but very close. Who could it be?


  1. Best word in the Irish language, 'Iora Rua'.

    By miles.

    With regard to the Jumanji hunter, you've stirred some painful memories for me there. I mean, on the spectrum of Jumanji curses his entry into the movie marked an unforeseeable and unwarranted escalation of terror. Before him we only had annoyance (monkeys), inconvenience (boy grows a tail) and mild fear (giant bugs). This elephant-gun-wielding safari monster instilled a new deathly urgency to proceedings which I was, as a delicate 11 year old, wholly upset by...

    Anyway, the drawings: adulation is certainly due. Super stuff.

    In fact, I expect your work to be published in book form and on the display window of Hodges and Figgis within 2 years.
    If not, I will be as disappointed as a badger who, having escaped his nemesis Beaver by hitching a ride to Thurles under a truck, finds out that said Beaver used his DCU Digital Media degree to devastating effect by building a portable Badger tracking device which integrates GPS and Twitter, so that when Badger logs on to tweet about his apparent liberation from Beaver, realises that he has, in the same action, given away his exact location to the flat-tailed villain.
    That is the sort of disappointed I'll be if you don't publish; sludgy crushing beaver-pursuit-realisation disappointment.

    My idle hands are here:
    Youtube wouldn't have it because the song is licensed. Boo corporate efficiency.

  2. I'd be a fool to pretend Jumanji isn't nearly always looming in the back rooms of my mind. Jesus! Imagine getting the chance to play the board game..the mahogany trimmings, the marble dice and ivory paths, the little elephant pieces that moved themselves, the inexplicable drumming anytime the dice was thrown. AH yes! Not to mention the tremendous fun you'd have with the stampeding rhinos and zebras, elephants and pelicans (do pelicans, in fact, stampede?) The old Ouija board pales in comparison really.

    Thanks for your kindnesses Dooley. M