Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mural II

Mural take two. Panel two!
Here is the drawing for panel number two:

I'm still shaking my head in wonder at the sunny beauty of this week. I went back to muraling on Monday after the Easter break and became so entangled projecting the writing onto the wall and trying to outwit the briars of the sun that I completely failed to notice I was getting sun burnt.

One pink neck and bib later the writing on the wall was finished.

Not before the ever-talented caretaker, Seana, made an amazing fort from a rolling whiteboard and sheet of plywood.


On Tuesday I drew each individual flower on the wall and gave them their first coat of paint.

This time I had the sun out-foxed. I kept watch of UV rays using the trusty wristwatch-index, a foolproof method for fools like me. Shimmy your watch down your wrist to compare milk-white skin to the hot glow of pink running down your arm. Apply more suntan lotion accordingly.

Today I painted the second coat of paint on the flowers. I also cleaned the sole of a frequent visitor whose small shoe had unfortunately stepped its way right onto the lid of a tin of paint.

Tomorrow I hope to finish this panel. I have to apply a second coat of paint to some areas and go around the black trim with black paint. I'll put up photos tomorrow...that is..if the weather doesn't break!

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  1. Maeve! These are darling! I just realized that your style reminds me a little of Quentin Blakes! Has anyone told you that before? Hope your day is well! xo